Your future generations will love your portraits.

We regularly receive phone calls and emails from people asking about their grandparent’s portraits, or simply sharing how much they love them. So, I thought it might be fun to share some of the recent stories we’ve gotten!

Uncle Herbie

“The portrait I have is so odd that our family just kept it in a drawer but I’ve had it on the wall for a few years.  It depicts our cousin Herbert Bell (aka Herbert LeBelle) who was in show business as a dancer and who once had Cesar Romero as a roommate (and also Gary Cooper, if I remember correctly).  At some point he went to Paris as a ballet dancer, joined the French resistance in WWII, was captured by the Germans and put into a concentration camp, then returned home after the war.  In spite of being an unusually handsome man, he remained single all his life. and after the war led a quiet life with his mother in a small town in Indiana.  I knew him as my Uncle Herbie and adored him.

The portrait was of him smoking a cigarette and, he always claimed, dressed in one of Rudolph Valentino’s spectacular jackets.  It had to have been taken before he went to France, maybe in the 1930s?  Not the sort of thing that fit into family portraits on the wall in Indiana.” –J.W.

Grandmother Ferguson

“I wanted to THANK your studio!!!  I have a beautiful photograph of my mother and grandmother taken ~ 1926!!! My grandmother has on a long strand of pearls that was so popular during the roaring 20’s – ha!!! 

My mother was born in 1925 and another photo of her mother may have been an engagement photo. I think my grandfather and grandmother were married in 1922. The photo of her is surrounded by a large ecru border. The portrait measures 10 inches wide and 15 inches top to bottom and has always been stored in the Strauss-Peyton ‘folder.’ 

My family is from Springfield, Missouri, so they must have traveled from Springfield to Kansas City in the early 1920’s. Maybe they rode a train. My grandmother’s name was Katherine Ferguson Ricketts and my grandfather was Frederick George Ricketts. In Springfield his family owned the Springfield Seed and Floral in the early 1900’s. I think his father started the company.  

I also have a photo of my grandmother wearing a huge floral hat … I always assumed their business had furnished all the flowers on it – ha!!! I hope you enjoy this photo of your early work!!!” –M.R.

We love hearing from past client’s children and how much they enjoy the portraits of their relatives! Strauss Peyton portraits bring such joy to future generations and gives you the opportunity to share your best self with those you can’t even imagine yet!

Do you have a story of a relative’s portrait from long ago that our studio created? We would love to know the story or simply be able to enjoy the portrait. Feel free to reach out to us at info@strausspeytonkc.com, we would love to hear the story!