What to wear for family pictures

Wardrobe Selection for Your Family Portraits

If there’s one thing that everyone has anxiety about, it’s what to wear for family pictures! It even strikes fear in my heart and I’ve been doing this for over twenty years!

So, I’m going to share a couple of quick tips that will make it easier for you to decide what to wear for your family pictures. If there’s anything that will go a long way with insuring good results when you select clothing for your family pictures, it’s these two tips:

  1. Long sleeves: Not very many women like their arms. I love having portraits done in cooler weather or in studio so I can keep sweaters, or some form of coverup on. But, if you have toned arms, by all means rock them out!  The other reason we love long sleeves is because your arms don’t compete with attention for your face.
  2. Solid colors: We specialize in creating wall art that will look amazing displayed in your home for decades, so we don’t recommend trendy clothing. We suggest that you go with more classic lines in solid colors to keep the fashion trends at bay.

All of our portrait sessions start with a Design Conversation in the studio. This is where we find out what sort of look you are after and how you plan to decorate with your portraits (or we suggest ideas because there are no shortage of ideas here!) Once we have your session scheduled, we send you our wonderful Wardrobe Resource Guide. It will help you decide whether you want formal, semi-formal, or casual and includes a multitude of color palettes so that you can truly visualize how your portraits will look when displayed in your home.

It’s especially helpful in today’s world when families are often spread across the country. The Wardrobe Resource Guide is in PDF form so that you can email it to everyone who’s going to be in the portrait!

We make this as easy as possible so you don’t have to stress out about what everyone is going to wear!


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