Warming a home with Family Portrait Art.

Recently we had the pleasure of an install of these beautiful images from the family portrait session we did for this family.  We love seeing how quickly a home can become personalized and warmed with family images as decor for their walls.

The day of the session we were plagued with doubts about the weather.  Do we call it off and reschedule?  Do we go for it and hope the weather forecast and radar are accurate? After a phone call with Kristin, we decided to go for it.  Their family portrait session was scheduled for the end of May when we had crazy storms coming through the Overland Park area.  Dark ominous storm clouds covered the sky and there were reports of hail mixed in with the rain but thankfully we could see clearing as we drove towards downtown Kansas City.  Once we arrived at the location, we had nothing but beautiful skies that were perfectly in line with our vision for their session.  Thank goodness!  The evening session was a success and they had gorgeous images to decorate their home with.

“Kaela and Jonathan were the most wonderful team. Not only did they make my entire family feel at ease and have fun during our time together but they captured the moments in my family that I will treasure forever. One of the pictures literally took my breath away when I was able to see it. Now I have memories captured that will last forever. I can’t thank them enough for these timeless creations. They even installed them perfectly in my home. Anyone who choose to work with this dynamic team, will not be disappointed!” -Kristin Carlson