The Design Conversation

Designing Your Family Portrait … The Design Conversation

Let’s talk about the back burner. This is where good intentions get placed. We all do it even though we mean well and THIS TIME it’s going to happen. But, no, somehow life gets in the way and we can’t commit and it gets put on the back burner.

We hear it all the time here at the studio. Once people decide it’s the perfect time for a family portrait (maybe it’s their first, or maybe it’s because the kids are years older than the last portrait, or mom and dad just aren’t getting any younger), whatever the reason, they often come to a screeching halt once they decide they need a family portrait. It can be overwhelming to decide where to have the photography done, what style the photography is, how to get everyone together and what the heck everyone will wear. Too many decisions to make on your own and next thing you know, it’s been another year.

Guess what? We have a solution!

Introducing the Design Conversation! This is the place to start. All you need for this appointment is the desire to have a family portrait created.

Lots of details in place to make this portrait happen! Clothing, location, scheduling, time of day. Take the pressure off with a Design Conversation!

When you come in for your Design Conversation you’ll meet with me and we will figure out the perfect style and feeling for your portraits. What appeals to you … is contemporary your style or something more casual? Maybe you prefer formal and traditional … or a mix. What would work best in your home and for your family? Are you celebrating a specific event in your life? We’ll decide if photography outside or in the studio is best for your direction and chat about what to wear.

Our clients absolutely love coming into the studio for their Design Conversation because it takes the stress out of planning! We get most, if not all of those things figured out, so that you can move on to the fun (yes, I said fun!) of finding just the right outfit! If you’re worried about your hair and makeup and looking your absolute best, we’ve got you covered with experienced people who will get you camera ready.

So no pressure! It’s not up to you to have to come up with all the details for a photography session. Talking with a professional who does this sort of thing all the time is where the stress comes off of you and we do what we’ve trained ourselves to do … create a fantastic experience for everyone involved. Even for dads and two year olds. 🙂


Strauss Peyton, capturing legacies for over 120 years

Is it time to update your family portrait? Have you ever had one made? Is the youngest in it? If you’re ready to take the next step and find out more, click here. We’ll take it from there!