The 4 best photography locations for your custom portrait

Finding a background that is fitting for your custom portrait is vital when capturing your legacy through portraiture. As you dream of what your portrait might look like, here are 4 ideas that will help you arrive at the ideal backdrop for your custom art piece.

In the studio

Whether it’s a business portrait or family portrait, our studio provides a variety of hand-painted and designed backgrounds with furniture pieces to showcase your company or family legacy. We can help choose the perfect color palette to ensure that your skin tones and wardrobe choices are complemented and that the piece seamlessly blends in with your current home aesthetic. From your design consultation and throughout the portrait process, we pay close attention to the details so that the finished product exceeds all of your expectations.

Outside with nature

Breathe in the fresh air and mingle with nature during an outdoor portrait session! Choose a sentimental spot such as a family farm or local park to take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. Want more of a city feel rather than a grassy landscape? Choose a spot that overlooks our beautiful city to capture the skyline! Don’t worry, we can help you with your decision; we start the portrait process with the end in mind to make sure that your piece of art will complement your home environment.

On vacation

We enjoy traveling and are happy to head to any location that truly reflects your family’s interests and lifestyle. If you ski every winter in Vail or spend summers at Martha’s Vineyard or on the Cape, you might have a favorite location that would be perfect to capture the legacy of your family. Photographing your family or children at your vacation spot that has been a tradition for years adds a personal touch to your portrait as you showcase everyone in their happy place! We can assist with choosing which background aligns best with your room décor, home style, and the physical space where your piece will hang.

At home

You don’t have to leave your house for optimal family portrait ideas! Indoor photography locations, such as the home where you raised your children, can provide for a meaningful backdrop that will stand the test of time. Don’t worry, you’re not limited to the living room; we can head outside to the backyard to show the place where your kids played with the swing when they were little or the garden where you and your partner grow vegetables every spring. Your home is a special place that holds many memories, so why not have it as the backdrop to your custom portrait?

Finding the best photography locations doesn’t have to be a hassle, some of the best spots will be right before your very eyes! The first step towards creating your custom portrait is coming into the studio for your Design Consultation and letting us get to know you so we can help. Your custom portrait will be your legacy and it’s so important to contemplate which space will best highlight your story. As you consider various photography locations for your portrait, think about your favorite memories and where those wonderful times took place. Whether it’s in your living room or on the beach, Strauss Peyton is committed to highlighting your legacy for generations to come.