Teaching how to do the best santa pictures ever!

You might hear “Santa pictures” and instantly think about having a root canal instead.  I hear it and I immediately think about the five years worth of images that I have of my daughter screaming her head off at Santa.  Priceless.  And infinitely better than her smiling at the camera year after year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her smile (especially now that I rarely see it from her at 14 years old…) but the entertainment value of her being a fabulous little kid and screaming bloody murder at a bearded stranger…well, clearly I have done my parenting job well.

Where is this leading?  Trust me, not to screaming pictures of your children.  In fact, we have finessed the santa pictures experience so much that Vicki and I were asked to speak at a Las Vegas seminar to a highly influential group of photographers from all over the United States.   These are photographers in this group, that when they speak, I scribble down pages and pages of notes.  When we spoke…so did they.  To say that we were taken aback and completely humbled by the experience and the enthusiasm we were met with is definitely not doing it justice.  Clearly we are doing something right, to have caught the notice of our peers!  And if you haven’t heard of our santa pictures, make sure you ask to be added to the list to be contacted for the next years sessions.  We’re already over half booked!

I wish whole-heartedly that I had something like the santa pictures that we offer at SPC of my daughter when she was a young child…it’s just not the same anymore since she’s grown up.  I miss the easy childish FAITH that Santa exists and how amazing and magical he is.


Oops, Santa had a stowaway in his bag!  Hehehe.