Tardis sighting in Kansas City

A “what” you might ask?  What’s a Tardis?  No, it’s actually a “Who”…Doctor Who that is!  Yes, for all those geeks and Britophiles out there, we had the opportunity to light paint a Tardis.  Sadly, this one wasn’t bigger on the inside.  And a Tardis is essentially a blue telephone box but with decades of cult following thanks to the tv series Doctor Who.

This Tardis resides in a backyard in an undisclosed location; a gift from a lovely bride to her wonderful husband for their wedding day.  To say he was surprised and thrilled with his gift is an understatement, I’m sure.  It’s not often when one gets gifted with a Tardis.  And it’s not certainly not often when a Tardis gets a light paint treatment!

Using the light paint treatment allowed Jonathan to do an amazing job highlighting the fun things that make this Tardis image so fabulous.  From the flare on the light peeking through the door, to the highlighting of the signs on the door, and the hiding of the less desirable features of the yard that are so evident in the “before” image that take away from the impact of the overall image, this light paint image has the fun and mysterious qualities that make the Doctor Who series so much fun. Doesn’t it just leave you wondering what’s inside with the way the door is just barely cracked open?  Or maybe this is how it would look if the Tardis crashed in your backyard garden like it did for little Amy Pond?  Sorry, I’m showing my geek.

Of course, a light paint post just wouldn’t be complete without the “Before” for a comparison.  The “before” just doesn’t have that same cool factor as the light paint version.

And there’s your British fun for today!  Now go grab a bag of jammie dodgers to go with your fish fingers and custard and catch a couple episodes of Doctor Who!