The Strauss Peyton Portrait Experience Starts Here

Design Consultation

The first step in your portrait experience with Strauss Peyton is sitting down with us in the studio and sharing your vision or goal with us for your portraits.  No vision or goal other than it's time for an update?  That's alright, that is what this appointment is for.  We show you portraits throughout the studio and discover what appeals to you and refine the vision that begins to grow. 

We start the portrait process with the end in mind. Where will we be displaying your portraits in your home?  We discuss the decor of those rooms, your style, the colors used, and the physical space that will be the future home of your portraits.  All of these elements come into play when creating a finished art piece that will blend in seamlessly with your space and complement your home environment. 

Strauss Peyton Portrait Sessions

Portraits in the Studio

Conveniently located at 119th and Quivira in Overland Park, the Strauss Peyton studio includes a camera room to have your portrait session in.  Beat the heat, humidity, wind and bugs by skipping the outside and enjoying the comfort of a dressing room, air-conditioning (or heat!) and snacks.  

The studio features a variety of furniture pieces for your portrait session as well as hand-painted canvas backdrops selected to enhance skin tones and complement your wardrobe choices.

Portraits in your Home

The garden you love, the project dad loves to work on, the home that your children grew up in.  These are the places that are near and dear to your heart and bring a sense of peace and a flood of memories. 

This is the place that tells the story of your family.  It's where your memories of family time, board game nights and family gatherings are created. 

Creating portraits in your personal space result in unique images that are your family's visual history.  Imagine your children growing up and leaving home, you decide to sell your home and downsize...having portraits that were created in the childhood home mean so much to the younger generations especially once that home is no longer available to them.

Environmental Portraits

A beautiful field for a classic midwest look, a waterfall for a dramatic water portrait or a trip to a stadium to show off your Kansas City fan status.  We are happy to go to a custom location to create an art piece that truly reflects your interests as a family.

Selecting your Artwork

Image Selection

After your portrait session, we schedule a sales appointment for you in the studio.  We sit down with you and determine the best images, sizes and finishes for your home utilizing the features of our sales software that allows us to virtually decorate your home.  It's so easy to select wall art when you can see different sizes on your own walls to be confident in your decisions.

Impressions Art Finish

The finish that Strauss Peyton is known for!  This is our Impressions Art finish which showcases your portrait as a painting.  Each piece is painstakingly hand-painted, not once, but multiple times with different medias.  Superfulous details are muted and the toning and brushstrokes direct your eyes to focus on what is important in your art piece, you and your loved ones.  Focus on the love and relationship your family has for one another with a Strauss Peyton art piece.

Renaissance Finish

When all the details matter...it's the Renaissance finish for your wall art!  Superbly produced on archival canvas for longevity and showing off every detail in the portrait, this finish will shine brightly in your home as a testament to the love and pride you have for your family.

Fine Art Watercolor Finish

Design an impactful Gallery wall with this clean and contemporary look with a watercolor paper presentation.  Simple and elegant, a trio of watercolors displayed on a wall will steal your breath away.


The perfect finish for your stunning Strauss Peyton art!  Choose from a large selection of custom finished frames to complement your portraits.  


The final piece of the portrait experience!  Once your artwork is finished and framed, we deliver and install your art for you in your home.  

There's no need to dig out the hammer, tape measure or level, we bring it all (and the ladder if needed!) and even in some cases, move your current art to make room for the new!