So you want to lose 10lbs first…

“We’ll schedule the Family Portrait After I Lose 10 Pounds”

Let’s face it, a lot of us worry about how we look in portraits. We completely understand! When you prominently display your family portraits you want to look your absolute best, right? After all, a Strauss Peyton portrait will be on your wall for many years to come. If you’ve checked out the blog post regarding wardrobe, you might remember that we recommend classic solids and avoiding trendy outfits as the best way to not date your portraits. Guess what? The good news is, it’s also very slimming!

You can relax and feel assured that through artful, natural posing and the use of strategic lighting that highlights the best angles, we can disguise those areas you’re not crazy about. It’s the easiest diet you’ll ever go on and that’s even before the magic of Photoshop!

It’s not only the careful choosing of your wardrobe (we have lots of suggestions) and the lighting we use but also the way we can use things (like I did with Jonathan in the image below!) to hide the parts you aren’t crazy about.

The reality is that no one in your family is going to look at a wonderful portrait of you and your family and think you should have lost ten pounds. Jonathan and I have decades of experience making clients look amazing! You’ll feel confident knowing that we’re staging this to bring out the best version of you! 

Your family is going to think about how you make them feel safe and loved, and they’ll remember the experience they had creating the portraits … it really is fun!

Stay warm, spring is just around the corner! -Kaela

Strauss Peyton, capturing legacies for over 120 years

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