Quick and Easy Business Headshots

Yes, there is such a thing as quick and easy business headshots! You are probably dreading it, thinking you’d rather do yard clean-up or chase after the kids to clean their rooms but we are going to let you know it can be quick and easy, especially with us to help you along through the experience.

March 6th is our next Business Portrait Mini Marathon.

Start off with hair & makeup styling to perfect your look (yes, guys, even you can use a bit of styling to finish your look) and get you camera ready. Spend up to an hour in the camera room and be taken through a quick variety of three outfits to give you a fabulous assortment of looks to select from. Pick and choose your 2 included marketing images immediately following your portrait session and you’re finished. We will get them retouched and ready for your marketing use! Only $450, regular pricing is $650.

How many of these marketing pipelines are you utilizing? They should all have your image associated with them!

Email/Newsletter Campaigns: Sending out monthly updates to your clients? Easily pop in your new headshot image and start building that awareness of who you are and what you represent in your business life.

Direct Mail pieces: Don’t settle for a generic stock image of something, personalize each and every marketing piece with your image.

Online Publishing of Pdf’s or Videos: Do you publish guides of how to do things (such as “How to sell a house in ten easy steps”)? You should absolutely be looking the part of the expert with your business headshot.

Signage: Do you have signs that you put up in front of homes that you are selling or doing work for? Make sure they are eye-catching and top-notch.

Website/Blogs/Guest Blogs: This is where it all starts from! Your website and blog should feature your best image and set the tone for your branding. You want the content that you put out there to drive traffic back to your website. Here’s how we use ours, I love the consistency of the look!

Social Media (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram): People love change on social media! Create a library of images that can be changed out over the seasons and for different looks to catch the eye of the potential client.

Google: A platform not to be missed! Which Google + may not be used as often, it’s still a great place to make sure you are represented well.

Books/Speaking: This goes along great with online publishing of pdfs and videos and being the expert. A physical book should have your most current portrait on the jacket and if you are on the speaking circuit, an engaging image can draw people in.

March 6th is our next Business Portrait Mini Marathon.

Update your business headshot with one of our mini marathon slots coming up on March 6th. The regular fee is $650, a mini marathon is a deal at only $450 because it’s a fun day long marathon of business headshot sessions! It includes hair and makeup and up to an hour in the camera room. We highly recommend three outfits (it’s important to have 3 choices, you won’t know what looks amazing in the camera until it’s been photographed). And it includes two fully retouched marketing files.

People do business with those they Know, Like & Trust. Be one of those People!