Paws-errific Pet Photography

We have so much fun with our pet photography here at our portrait studio in Overland Park, that we have an annual event called Paws-A-Paloosa.  Did you miss out this year?  Make sure you like the Facebook page so you will know when we advertise for next year (hint, it’s usually June-July time frame)!

When we do this event, we offer a free pet photography session here at the studio when you donate a bag of food or a $25 donation to your choice of  the Great Plains SPCA or Wayside Waifs.  We photograph your pet, your pet with your children (which, let’s face it, sometimes they are all animals!) or your pet with your family.  Plus, with any orders that are placed we donate 10% to the facility of your choice!

This year, we photographed over 20 dogs and one adorable kitty and we took over 300 pounds of pet food, plus checks for over $550!  I’d say that is a pretty fabulous success for the terrific places that take care of dogs and cats that haven’t been able to find their forever homes yet.

My favorite parts of all these pet photography sessions?  Definitely discovering the personalities of each pet.  Some were quiet listeners, others were happiest galloping around, others were timid and shy.  But overall, every single one had the attention span of an 18 month old child.  Which, if you haven’t been around one of those for a long time, it lasts approximately 8.6 seconds and then they’re gone.  Thank goodness for squeaky toys galore, smelly sneaky treats (freeze dried chicken was fairly popular this year), and of course, magic words.  Walk!  Treat!  Squirrel!  Talk about getting some ears perked EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Others we could have been dropping free hamburgers and steaks all over the floor and we couldn’t get their attention to save our lives.  But what can I say other than I can’t wait until next year!  Oh, I know!  We need other kinds of pets!  Lizards, birds, snakes, more kitties, small horses (BYOPS….bring your own pooper scooper), chickens, gerbils, hamsters, really, be creative and challenge us!

Enjoy some of the cute highlights of pet photographs that we captured this year!