Neufeld Family Photography – Overland Park Photography

One type of session that we love to have in the photography studio here in Overland Park is a Family Photography session.  Especially when it’s for an extended group of family members.  Actually, let me revise that…I love seeing people making the effort (and trust us, it can be a huge effort to coordinate everyone!) to capture their families in a beautiful portrait that shows off all the fun stages of life.  Be it gawky elementary age kids, or aloof high school kids you had to bribe, significant others or aging parents, I’m going to be cliche and say that it’s all worth the time and energy!  It doesn’t matter WHERE it’s photographed, as long as it’s photographed.  It’s something that won’t be apparent how important it is until it’s needed and by then it’s too late.

This family happened to be composed of three groups.  Grandparents and their two kids’s families.  Add to the mix one fab lab who is also grandma’s seeing eye dog and it turned into a terrific family photography session.  We love to photograph an assortment of images that make up our sessions…posed with everyone smiling, little more relaxed candid, and then totally ignoring us and focusing on each other.  This always makes for some fun images that catch what makes a family tick, or what family members are known to do at home (which is always a cause for lots of laughter at our follow-up view and order appointments).


I have to share one cool thing about our portrait studio (I can’t swamp you with all that is cool about us…that would take way too long!).  One of the many things that we help our clients with is deciding how to decorate with their favorite images as wall art.  How do you know where, let alone how big and how many?  Yes, many clients decorate with not just one image from their family photography session, but with several images (but more on that later).  This client wanted to decorate a wall by their stairs where they could see the portrait on a regular basis.  How nice to wake up in the morning and see the whole family!  Their main concern was how big to go?  Most people have experience with 11×14 or 16×20 sizes and are overwhelmed to even consider anything larger.  As you can see from these examples that we mocked up for the clients, some sizes look awkward and don’t fit the location.


To recap…the cool thing is, we help you decide how large to display your portrait.  We imported an image of the wall they took with their cell phone into our sales software and demonstrated the different sizes available and how their portrait would look in each size and format.  They were able to make an educated decision that they felt very secure in making.  Pretty cool, huh?