Nancy-A Personal Branding Portrait

You’re told at work, “We need an image of you to market the upcoming workshop.” Or you just wrote a book and you need an author portrait. Or, you are self-employed and have out-dated images of yourself. Do you quietly cheer inside your head because you just love having pictures taken of you? Not likely, right? You are probably dreading the experience and completely at a loss as to what to wear.

What if we told you that having new portraits made for your business life could be fun and easy? Especially with clear direction on what to bring, what to expect and someone to make you portrait-ready with expertly applied makeup and hair styling. Yes, it’s true, it does exist and it’s right here at Strauss Peyton.

Nancy came into the studio for a Personal Branding session. Starting with makeup (which she confessed she was completely hopeless with) and then a quick prep of her hairstyle, she was ready for the camera. She wanted to be able to convey that she was fun, confident and easy to work with and I think we achieved that quite easily!