Light Paint of Wine

Fresh off of a new light paint project!  Of my favorite subject.  🙂

Just what is this thing called light paint?  It’s a special way of lighting and photoshopping that creates a finished image that is completely impossible to achieve through traditional lighting methods.

For this little project, I photographed 50 images and used 35 of them in the final piece.  It probably has about 3 hours of work in it from start to finish.

Ta-dah, the lovely final image after a well thought out plan was photographed and then paired with all my fancy photoshopping skills:

Isn’t this a lovely image that stands out and makes you stop and say “Wow.”?  Talk about a great way to advertise your product or service.  Light Paint projects can take a subject or thing that quite frankly isn’t that sexy to look at or market with (let’s face it, most things found in hardware stores aren’t sexy but they sure can be fun to light paint!) but done correctly, light paint on a “thing” can create some fabulous art that can be used with internet usage, print marketing and art on the walls!

But wait, how can you appreciate how great this final image really is?  How about a “before” image?  Check out how “Blah” this set-up of the wine bottles can be…No fancy lighting at all, just what was captured from overhead lights in the studio:

The before image is okay, fairly generic and ho-hum.  Too many catchlights in the bottle and no emphasis on any certain spot to look.  But adding in the drama and the skilled use of lighting with the light paint will draw your eye in to what we want you to see and, quite honestly, I want you to feel like you want to go have a great glass of wine with dinner tonight after reading this post!