Johnson County Home & Garden Show

Who’s here at the Home & Garden show?  We are!  And with the snow and ice bearing down on us this weekend, this show is just what we need to get excited about spring and green landscapes again!  While you browse the show thinking about home projects, don’t forget that your walls need decorating with what’s most important: Family!

An even better reason to brave the elements outside to come to the Overland Park Convention Center are the new display pieces we have available for your viewing pleasure.  Check out our wall portrait on display featuring a certain icy princess with freezing cold magic (think of our Santa magic) as well as painted elements to it.  This piece debuts our Enchantment Art Sessions and you have to see it to believe the beauty of it.

Also brand new is a stunner of a wall portrait showcasing our Man Cave Art!  The family on display loves football and loves to tailgate!  Hmmm…where do you suppose we might have gone for that portrait session?

Don’t miss the cute fuzzy thumper of a bunny also on display with a certain adorable one year old that came in to model his cute smile for us recently!  Our Spring Farmer’s Market portrait sessions are a study in the enjoyment of spring, bright colors, new vegetables and little critters.  And of course your cute kiddos!

Come see us at the Home & Garden show this weekend!  We are in Booth 829.  Hope to see you!