“I’m going to be so Thankful…”

Why Family Portraits Matter.

It’s the phone call that no one ever wants to receive. In our studio, it’s unfortunately something we hear a couple times a year. Tracee lost her husband, Kevin, just a few months after their portraits were created. This happens more often than you might think … while we hate receiving that phone call, we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to create beautiful portraits for them. Here is their story, in her words:

“The reason why I came in today is so we can have pictures made of my husband. We almost lost him the first of August. He’s the easiest man to ever be married to. He flatlined twice and was put on life support. He had a massive heart attack on life support and had to have open heart surgery. 

We’re not really sure how long we get to keep him.

He’s just an awesome person and I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to be without him. I’m going to be so lucky to have the pictures. I’m going to thank you guys so much. When it gets here I’m going to be so thankful.”


Strauss Peyton, capturing legacies for over 120 years