High School Senior Photography

I ask….”Are you good at jumping?”

Then I ask…”Do you mind getting a little messy?”

And then I add…”It’ll brush off!”

Our latest crazy brainstorm with a high school senior photography session here at SPC Portrait Art!  Luckily Quinn is one of our senior models and was fair game for anything…(I ended up talking her into a river…more on that later!).

Can you tell that we love trying out new and crazy things?  I have this mental checklist of fun things that inspire me and I’m darn well twitchy to get photographed.  Jonathan and I do our best to capture a wide variety of images during high school senior photography sessions.  We always photograph some images that are classic and traditional, I love a bit of fashion flair, he really enjoys outdoor lighting and wide angles.  Truly, when we have seniors to photograph, they’re getting a fabulous mix of two different viewpoints and artistic finishes.

If you happen to know Quinn and you are looking for a great portrait studio to have your high school senior photography done, ask her for a model card!  It’s good for $100 off your portrait collection with us!