Family Photography Session in the Leaves

It’s getting to be that time of year!  Everyone starts thinking about the holidays and greeting cards and the gently nagging grandparents that would LOVE an updated family portrait of their children and grandchildren…cue the suggestion to call your Overland Park Photography studio and set up your Family Photography Session!  (913-636-5478)  Nicely coinciding with the generous display of color that Mother Nature will be showcasing shortly, autumn is a great time to have your family photography done.

We’ve selected a couple of days in October and the location to help make things easy for you.  Sunday, October 19th, and Sunday, October 26th should be prime times to catch the color at the location we’ve chosen.  Sessions will last 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of your group.  Our goal is to keep things moving quickly and smoothly so that the kids can stay focused and dad can get back to his Sunday afternoon football.  The location of the most fabulous place we found is south of the studio, out past Olathe by just a bit.  It’s a super quick drive and easy to find which will help get everyone on their way again!

This year, instead of charging a session fee (which would normally be $250 for a Sunday on-location), we are asking for a $100 donation towards SafeHome.  This local shelter gives survivors of domestic violence a safe place to go.  I’ve been browsing their facebook page a bit and what I’ve discovered is that due to the NFL/Rice incident, they are noticing a higher usage in their shelter.   While it’s great that women are removing themselves and their children from bad situations, it’s tough for SafeHome to be able to accommodate all the needs.

While we would love to have you a part of our Fall family photography sessions, if you’re not able to join us and would still like to donate, here is a list of what they need currently.

If you’re ready to score a great time to have your family photography session photographed, head over here and fill out the session request form and we will contact you and get that set up with you.