Family photography of moms- Overland Park

It’s a week to Mother’s Day, let’s start the celebration early and stretch it out all week with some highlights from past family photography sessions!  (well, let’s be honest, that should be a year-long celebration!)

To open a week of family photography portraits of moms, I’ll put myself on out there with my darling girl.  We photographed this image the spring before we moved from Seattle to Kansas, so just a little over a year ago now.  A little backstory, this is one of my most favorite trees from Duvall.  It’s an old gnarly looking double blossom cherry tree that I’ve always loved and would use for a backdrop whenever possible for the week and a half when it’s blooming so it’s gotten a LOT of photography time.  I figured it was more than suitable for a backdrop for a last portrait of my daughter and I in Duvall.