Mom will love you, no matter what.

Day Two of thank goodness for moms!  This session was supposed to just be a session for her daughter for acting headshots.  Thankfully mom let me talk her into being photographed with her daughter which turned out to be one of all of our favorites from the session.



Just a quick jump onto my soapbox….moms do not let themselves be photographed enough.  They are too busy being the family historian or insisting that they are not prepared to be photographed or worse, they are overweight and don’t want to be photographed.  And to that I say “You’re MOM!  One of the two most important people to your children.  And you better believe your children want to remember who you are and what you look like.  They love you no matter how you feel about yourself and think that you are the most beautiful mom ever.”.  Schedule that family photography session and show your kids you love and adore them.   Stepping down from the soapbox.