Natoya & Sal – Couples Photography, Overland Park

I love couples photography.  Wait, that sounds weird, let me define…in my mind, that means 2, or 3 or 4 people.  It’s all about showing off connections and relationships and how people interact with each other.  It can be a dating couple, a brother/sister relationship, a long-married couple, a couple with their pet, a siblings group, cousins.  They can be serious, funny, loving, sweet, quiet, playful.  Most often, people require a bit of gentle prodding to reveal a side of themselves to practically perfect strangers (yes, we are perfect here at SPC! 🙂  ) and show something that is generally reserved for dates, home life or during alone time with that other person.

We are very blessed when we can capture those beautiful moments for our clients.  It’s a gift that while in the present, will be appreciated for how great they look and how nice it is to have a new and current image.  But down the road, the images become more precious…you realize that yes, you really did look amazing (nothing like another 5-10 years to put the past you into perspective), maybe your relationship with that person is just as strong, or even stronger….or, maybe they’ve passed and all you have left of them is memories and portraits.  I’ve experienced all of these situations personally and am grateful for those images, be they professionally done or a quick snapshot with my phone.

But to the point of this post…it’s time to share Natoya and Sal’s session.  As most sessions go, we started out more formal and posed so that they could get used to the camera and being photographed.  By the end they were playing with some great sunglasses that Natoya had brought and were mugging for the camera.  All in all, a Fabulous session with a sweet couple.  Oh, and a sidenote…we recently were at the Women’s Expo in Overland Park with a booth and displayed the image of the two of them in sepia.  We had more people exclaiming “Hey, I know him!!” than with any other image we displayed.  It was pretty funny…he had a lot of friends and family at the show apparently!