Christmas in July Open House

That’s right, I said the “C” word.  And did you know that there’s only 5 more shopping months until Christmas?  Well, of course you didn’t, you’re busy enjoying our beautiful summer!  But that’s why I’m here…to remind you of these little facts and invite you to our Christmas in July Open House on July 25th from 5pm to 8pm.

Perks to coming to our Open House:

  • Reserve your portrait session with Santa for the best time and the lowest session fees.
  • Bring the kids to meet Santa and have FREE facebook photos with him on the “beach” (yes, we’re bringing real sand into our studio!)
  • Eat yummy Christmas cookies.
  • Enjoy Christmas music (you know you’ve missed it…)
  • Pick an Elf Stocking for a savings towards your order from your session with Santa.
  • Buy Elf Bucks for a 20% savings to use towards your order with Santa as well!
  • Plus, this is a GREAT TIME to have that mid-year check-in with Santa to keep those kids on track!

Schedule and prepay for your Santa session at the Open House and you’ll also get a fabulous free gift for your children to enjoy….shhh…you’ll have to wait until their session to find out what it is, but it’s completely priceless!



Don’t forget to put it on the calendar!  Friday, July 25th from 5pm to 8pm!