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Nancy-A Personal Branding Portrait

You’re told at work, “We need an image of you to market the upcoming workshop.” Or you just wrote a book and you need an author portrait. Or, you are self-employed and have out-dated images of yourself. Do you quietly cheer inside your head because you just love having pictures taken of you? Not likely,…

Joan & Mark-A 50th Anniversary Legacy Collection

Showcasing a beautiful photographic celebration of fifty years of achievement in marriage on the blog today! I feel like this achievement should come with a trophy! Full confession, this is Mark who has owned Strauss Peyton since 1977 and his lovely wife Joan. He has since passed ownership and the reins of Strauss Peyton over…

Snow Photography

Brrrrr….well as it turns out, it’s cold enough to cancel school but not cold enough to resist going outside to take advantage of the terrific weather and do some snow photography! Thankfully my brave (and mostly) willing daughter was happy to oblige me with some fun antics in the snow.