Ballet Recital Photography Parkville, MO

Aren’t these little dancers the cutest ever?  I love this time of year and doing ballet recital photography!  The outfits are so much fun to photograph with their bright colors and sparkles and the kids are so excited to be photographed in them!  We recently photographed Catherine’s Dance Studio in Parkville and had a blast doing it!  We were in, set up in their dance studio within 40 minutes and ready to photograph all the cuties!   A few hours later, everyone was done and sent home with their dance outfits to await the big recital!

I think my most favorite part of photographing everyone is the siblings images (they’re so sweet together!) and the action shots.  It’s so much fun catching them in mid-air!  Even better is seeing the little ones and how they interpret my request for them to “Jump like a froggie!” or with the high-schooler’s and my request for their best high school musical jump.  We definitely see some terrific jumps!