Andrea-A Legacy Collection Portrait

Have you considered what your children will have to remember you by someday? It’s not an easy question or a light-hearted conversation over a cup of coffee but it’s something to stop and think about. Do you shy away whenever someone pulls out a camera or quickly offer to take it for everyone else so you can be behind the camera instead of in front of it?

It’s time to consider whom the portraits are really for. Most people are caught up in the present and the immediate future and they think that they don’t need pictures of themselves. But what they don’t stop to consider is when the time comes when they are no longer around and what it is that their family might have left to remember them by.

We are of the opinion that those images should be amazing! Sassy, quick witted and always entertaining, this is Andrea. She had a hair and makeup session with one of our artists before being photographed and she now has beautiful and stunning portraits that will someday belong to her daughters.

For beautiful portraits of yourself, an amazing experience with a wonderful hair and makeup artist and a portrait artist who is skilled in creating an experience you’ll never forget, consider a Legacy Collection portrait session at Strauss Peyton. You deserve it and so does your family.

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