65 Years Young with Michael Nolte

He’s the man in charge of making sure women look amazing in stunning gowns. He’s the orchestrator of the most important day in a couple’s life. He’s Michael Nolte, the owner of Nolte’s Bridal in Leawood.

He recently celebrated a milestone birthday and requested a portrait session to commemorate the occasion. We were all too happy to accommodate him and headed to the InterContinental for the portraits. But that’s not the point of this blog post, it’s actually what happened afterwards that I was hoping he would allow us to share. But first, this handsome man and the results of his session:

And now his story. I’ll let him share it in a letter he gave to brand new moms at Saint Luke’s on the Plaza on that day which he visited after his portraits were finished.

“Reflecting on December 9, 1954
Dear Proud Parents,
Sixty-five years ago today, I was born in this hospital at 3:33 p.m. Each year on this day, at that time, I heard the voices of my parents singing to me, an off key version of “Happy Birthday.”
I was the first born of blue collar parents, that never got to have a High School diploma and at a time when Moms were full-time Moms. We lived in a 8’ x 24’ trailer off Prospect Avenue and my father supported his new son as an employee of Union Pacific railroad.
To honor my parents and the fact that today you have made that same decision to raise a caring human being for our world, I wanted to share my joy with with gifts of congratulations.
Originally, I considered bringing flowers for only the parents of sons, but being the father of three daughters exclusively, I realized that it’s the miracle of birth (not gender) that we should celebrate.
I attend Mass every year on my birthday and am spending a couple of days on the Plaza, with my wife of 39 years. This year I wanted to come back to where my wonderful life began and to thank the medical staff for all they continue to do delivering parents.
Enjoy the flowers and know that I lifted up in the prayer, all the babies that are born right before, on, and shortly after my birthday. It’s a joy to remember. It’s a joy to reach this milestone. I hope your child is blessed with the kind of authentic friends I have experienced. Those that “Divide your sorrows and multiply your joys!” Being here at St. Luke’s today, certainly multiplies mine.
Most sincerely an official and proud St. Luke’s “Senior Citizen,”
Michael J. Nolte”

With letter in hand, he visited each new mother in Saint Luke’s on the Plaza and gave her flowers. And yes, he was serenaded by his mom on the phone while he was doing it.

How sweet is that? Next time you need a stunning gown or know someone who is getting married, consider sharing Michael Nolte’s name with them. You can tell he’s an amazing person full of love!