5 reasons to schedule a portrait session

We have all heard the common idiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is why we can look back at photos of our children when they were little and come up with the story behind the picture. Whether it’s a family portrait for your great room or a business portrait for your executive office, here are 5 reasons why you should schedule a portrait session.

Leave a legacy

A portrait is more than a simple headshot or family photo on the front lawn. A portrait is a long-lasting piece of art that can be passed down from generation to generation. Whether you’re the founder of a company or the matriarch of your home, leave behind a portrait to tell your story. It will be a story that your children and grandchildren will want to enjoy when you’re no longer there to tell it.

Look your best

If your portrait is going to be on the wall for years to come, you want to be captured at your best. The attention to detail of portraiture is unmatched. Body positioning, wardrobe choices, location, and background are thoughtfully determined to ensure a cohesive, yet beautifully elegant product that you are proud of decades down the road.

Be unique

The quality of your portrait art is apparent in the care and exquisite finishing touches and it’s not a photo that you swap out every year for a new one. Portraits are created with your home decor in mind; each session is individualized to meet your goals and style. After the final touches are put on your portrait, you will have your very own personalized art piece to enjoy above your fireplace that no one else will have.

Enjoy the experience

A portrait isn’t a photo, it’s an art project that starts with a vision and goals. Between design consultations, studio sessions, image selection, and installation, the process is in-depth and comprehensive. The path from start to finish is an enjoyable process as you consider what you want your portrait to portray. Thirty years from now, what will your portrait say about you?

Consider design elements

A portrait goes beyond what’s in the frame. The process of portraiture considers the décor of the room, where the portrait will be displayed, your personal style, and an appropriate color palette to ensure that your piece of art blends in to your space and complements your home.

A portrait can be elegantly displayed in the mahogany boardroom at the office, in the marble foyer of your home or in your family’s comfy game room. Schedule a portrait session and make a statement, leave an impression, or hand down a legacy. Your portrait will tell a story, your story, for years to come.