Yes, even photographers get portraits made…

…but they usually have to get creative with trigger remotes.  🙂

This is our new wall in the photography studio that Jonathan finished with molding and built the bump-outs for added interest (I’m sure there’s a technical term for them but to me they are bump-outs).  He also painted the walls as well…I confess to being a wee bit freaked out by the process of the painting he was doing…okay, maybe a lot freaked out.  My type A OCD tendencies come out when I see a sloppily painted wall and I had to hide in the office while he was doing it but I absolutely LOVE it now that it’s finished.  He did a fantastic job and I am so proud of him and his work.

Now this wall…can you just see going to your closet and pulling out that beautiful gown that you bought for that big shindig and only wore once?  You looked totally hot mama in it and you probably could find the snapshots you took with your phone but wow, what a shame that you only got to wear it once.  Ok, here you go…THIS is the occasion you’ve been waiting for to pull it out and get dressed up for something gorgeous to display in your home.  Seriously, don’t we all have enough relaxed and casual pictures?  It’s time for something different!


  • It’s in the studio…no bugs, no humidity, no wind, no squinting eyes from sunshine, no worries about the weather, poison ivy, chiggers or ticks.
  • Dressing room!
  • Bathroom!
  • Ultimate control with lighting to bring out your best features and diminish those things you’re not crazy about.
  • Climate controlled…no sweating in the heat, no freezing in the cold.



  • Yeah….sorry, there aren’t any.

Want to get the family dressed up but don’t have tuxes for the little guys?  We have a terrific children’s formal wear store in our same complex right around the corner from us (between Gary Gribble’s and Talk of the Town).  She has tuxes for boys from itty bitty to high school age.  Dresses for the girls are rarely a problem to track down but she also has plenty of dresses to choose from!  The store name is Black Tie Affair, her number is 913-839-2895 and her website is https://www.blacktieaffairclothing.com/.