Strauss Peyton, the next 40 years


Perhaps you’ve noticed a slight change to our Strauss Peyton website?  Yes, things have been changing a little bit here at Strauss Peyton.  In fact, you could call it a changing of the guard of sorts.  For the past 40 years, Mark Braswell has been the head boss, the face of Strauss Peyton, the creator of beautiful family portraits.  This year marks the passing down of Strauss Peyton to his son, Jonathan Braswell and Jonathan’s wife, Kaela.  Don’t worry, Mark will still be at the studio and working behind the camera!

What does this mean for you?  Strauss Peyton has always been known for the exquisite portraiture of families that many Kansas City families decorate their homes with.  Families continue to be the focus of Strauss Peyton, including children, grandchildren and high school seniors.  We look forward to continuing the legacy created by Ben Strauss and Homer Peyton with timeless photographic art that graces your neighbors’ beautiful homes as we make the generational transition from father to son ownership.

To the next forty years!

To see some of the work that was done before the Braswells were in charge check out Jackson County Historical Society Collection of Strauss Peyton images! JCHS Image Galleries