Portrait Albums at SPC Portrait Art

Alright….confession time.  I’m almost 40.  No, not 29 for the 7th or 8th time.  I’ll be 39 in August.  My daughter is going to be a junior in high school next year.  I’m heartened by the articles online that say 60 is the new 40….I guess that means I can still be 29 for awhile yet!

A couple of months ago when we were over at grandma’s house (my mom’s) I caught my daughter peering at the portrait of me that was taken a couple years after my senior year that mom still has displayed on the wall (even after 3 moves!).  While I might cringe a bit every time I see that image (it was the 90’s and I had those poofy bangs…), I confess that I like to see it and having photographic proof of how much (and how little!) I’ve changed over the past 20 years.

Then I started thinking that I really don’t have any of my official senior portraits anywhere that I could show my daughter.  I remember that we had to choose a package with 7 or 8 poses and we had those silly little 4×5’s of the same image EVERYWHERE…because of course it was a “one size fits all” sort of package and we ended up with something crazy like 20 small prints of the same image.

But what we didn’t get was portrait albums.  Something that I knew my mom would keep.  My senior portraits were just a lot of small prints.  Which is all fine and dandy for sending to the long lost relatives that you only maybe see once every five years or so but when it comes down to it, what do I have that I can look back on 20 years later?  Or how about at least being able to show to my daughter that yes, even mom was completely awkward and goofy looking with my poofy bangs.  Seriously.  I was the one in the images and I have nothing twenty years later.

Being able to look back now with an adult and parent viewpoint makes me realize that I am missing out on having something to share with my daughter.  Looking at the albums we have at the portrait studio for our high school seniors gets me very excited for my daughter’s portrait session…I’ll make sure that she has something to show her offspring (of which she is emphatic that she will have none…I think she’s worried about karma, ha!) someday in the future.

At our studio, we offer three different styles of portrait albums.  One is a Designer style with custom designed pages to really emphasize images and pull together page and image color schemes to complement the images.  The benefits of this album style is the full canvas cover that wraps around and includes images as well as the capability of having stunning full spread images.

portrait-albumsA second style of album is the Metal album…also soon to have an option for an acrylic cover!  I’m looking forward to having that as an option as well!  This style of album is a one image per page type of design.  It gives more impact to each individual image as opposed to each designed spread.  The cool factor is the metal cover and the metallic paper that each page is printed on.  The color pop is amazing on metallic paper!  And can we say yum to the cover materials?  Ostrich, python, crocodile…all faux of course…I haven’t yet seen a bright orange crocodile.


Our third style of portrait albums is more classic and traditional.  Plus it’s so much easier to tuck into your bag and take with to show off!  One image per page on photographic paper, this one has a striking and rich appearance that you’ll just love.


It’s terrific to share the portraits with family and friends and we encourage that, but let’s face it.  When it comes down to it, these are for you, the parent, to enjoy right now the result of 18 long years and for your senior to look back on twenty years from now and really enjoy how far they’ve come.  Oh, and of course laugh at with their kid…the easiest way to do that is to look thru their portrait albums.