Framing your Strauss Peyton Art

The final touch on your beautiful Strauss Peyton portrait should be beautiful framing.  Ladies, it’s like making sure you are wearing beautiful elegant shoes and jewelry with a stunning gown…of course you want it to match in style and finish so you shine!

Recently, Jonathan and Kaela visited Chicago and were able to set aside some time to visit with one of the framing vendors that has been a part of the Strauss Peyton experience for over three decades.  Husar Picture Frame is a family owned business located close to downtown Chicago that has been in business since 1934 and specializes in custom designed handcrafted framing for your art.


Every facet of your finished frame can be selected to enhance your finished art piece: the ornaments, the carving, gilding, accent color and finished tone.  It can be a simple elegant finish or a stunning thick ornate style, it’s all up to you and your tastes.