First Birthday Video of Behind the Scenes at a Portrait Session

I do love video.  And I especially love a behind the scenes video at a portrait session of a first birthday!  Cake, frosting, bathtub, music, fun and fabulous grandmas willing to do whatever it takes for smiles, what’s not to love?

We are back to Miss Claire!  Jonathan manned the camera that we use for video while I photographed and Vicki helped entertain (although nothing beat out Grandma Judy’s Dance and the dancing rabbit!).  This little video will give you a great idea of all the fun that we can cram into an hour long portrait session for a one year old.  Even with incorporating a cake smash into the session!

And as always, sessions have their little challenges here and there.  Claire was borderline cranky and feeling pained by her gums.  Her Grandma Pam had a bagful of plastic easter eggs in her car and when she brought them in, we pulled out one to color match whatever we were working on and ta-dah!  Back to happy baby and a cute story.  I had thought briefly about using photoshop to remove the egg where I could but ended up thinking no way!  It’s something to tell a story about, start a conversation about, and even better, it very quickly and easily gives a date reference to the portraits.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the video!