Dando Amor recap

Thanks to everyone who participated in our shoe drive for Dando Amor earlier this month!  We collected over 250 pairs of shoes to donate to Dando Amor and they were picked up over Memorial Day weekend.

dando pu hh color lab


Travis and his family left Idaho on May 19th to travel all over picking up the shoes that everyone has collected.  They’ve hit Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Lousiana and probably 4 or 5 states I missed!   Thankfully, he had a couple of friends also doing pick-ups on the East Coast so he mainly stayed in the north and midwest.

dando map

They’ve had just a few fun moments on the trip….things like flat tires, empty gas tanks and gluing glasses to a toilet paper holder in a restroom (ummm…knowing Travis, don’t ask).  They just recently filled the first semi and sent it on it’s way to Haiti…30,000 pairs of shoes are off on their new adventure!

dando amor semi

A great big thank you to Travis, his fabulous accounts of life on the road, the images so that we can all follow along with and his amazing ideas to help humanity.  We are looking forward to next year so save those shoes for next May!