Celebrating life’s milestones together

As we journey through this adventure called life, it is a joy to have someone on the same ride with you.  Someone whom you enjoy being with, doing things together and enjoying the little moments that make up the big picture of life.  It might be a son or daughter, maybe your significant other, maybe it’s even a pet!  Whomever that special one might be, consider having a portrait made of the two of you that captures your relationship!

From a recent portrait session celebrating a milestone anniversary:

“Dear Kaela and Jonathan,

We want to thank you both so much for making our portrait experience very special.  We really enjoyed the comfortable and fun photographic session with the two of you and appreciate all the preliminary preparations to make everything just right.  We never expected to love a picture of ourselves so much.  It is truly a photograph we’re proud of and will be excited to share with others.

It was so nice of Jonathan to install the portrait for us and it looks just great on the wall in our office.

Thank you so much for the delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Irinas (my favorite bakery).  That was such a nice surprise.

It was great meeting and doing business with such sweet people and we hope to see you again.  Thanks for everything!

Winky & Bob”

They used their milestone anniversary for their reason but don’t just be on the lookout for a milestone of your own.  Quite honestly, you don’t need a reason other than love.  🙂