Cape Cod Family Portraits Part 2

Meet Michael and Lisa Stone from Michael Stone Portraits in Worcester, Massachusetts from our Cape Cod Family Portraits!  Recently, Jonathan and I traveled to Cape Cod for a long weekend with our friends and we may have nagged them a bit to let us photograph their family portraits while we were there…hey, there was a beach and there’s kind of a short supply of beaches in Overland Park, Kansas.  Thankfully, Lisa was thrilled to have the chance to have Cape Cod family portraits made on the beach (something about the cobblers children syndrome for them, I think) and she was instrumental in making it happen for the family.  In fact, she was so excited about it that even though she had done a day-long show at an outdoor event on Saturday where they live (an hour+ north), she was up at a very early hour (3:30am!! Now that’s some dedication to making this happen for her family!) to get portrait-ready and make the long drive to the beach to be out there by sunrise.

Not surprisingly, no one else joined us on the beach.

This is worth getting up before 6am, right?

Warm water and just a couple little fishies to nibble at toes.

It’s funny, you see the sun come up and all the glorious color spread out in front of you and you think “Wow, it can’t possibly get better than this!”  And then it does!

Not only did we do family portraits for the Stone Family, their daughter is also a senior this year.  We started the day before for some late afternoon images and then finished them up in the morning after the family portraits.

The lighting on this one is sublime! Not to mention the boat placement and how she’s sitting. This is my favorite from the sunset portion.

Dress portraits in the water! Yes, please!

They were such great sports about getting into the water and making the most of a fun experience.  Thank you, Mike and Lisa!  Enjoy your gorgeous memories!