Cape Cod Family Portraits Part 1

The story goes that the poor shoe cobblers’ children ran barefoot.  I often joke in the studio that our children rarely get photographed as well and blame it on the cobbler syndrome.  In actuality, it’s not as bad as I make it sound, we do our best to always photograph our family every year but because we rarely want to photograph outside of work, not to mention the challenge of photographing your own beloved offspring, makes it tough for us to want to commit to the challenge.  There’s just something about us trying to do our “job” with our kids as the subjects that makes all of us frustrated and results in us taking 3-4x the number of images we would normally take for a client.  I figure other photographers might feel the same and I always try to suggest to our friends who are photographers that they let us photograph them when we see them.

So when Jonathan and I headed out for a quick vacation to Massachusetts recently, we planted the seeds of the idea of Cape Cod Family Portraits for our friends!  Meet George & Gail of Lucozzi Portraits in Billerica, Massachusetts.  They were our hosts for the long weekend and the owners of a wonderful beach cottage in Onset that they’ve had since 1998.  We flew out to join them and two other photographer couples who came out for the weekend.

Can I simply say the weather was amazing?  Stunning sunset, not too hot, not humid, no crazy bugs…heaven on earth!

Isn’t that a gorgeous view in Onset, Massachusetts? You know you want to visit!


What more can I say than “Awwwww”.

One of the fun things about photographing outside for a family portrait sunset session is how the color can change and give us a completely different look just by turning a different direction.  Looks like a completely different day!

The difference in the color of the sky one way versus the other way was incredible!

And of course, the grand finale!  That sky was just incredible.  As much as I love how the blue sky created a cool palette to match with their choice of color for their wardrobe, I am such a sucker for beautiful warm sunsets.  I’m sure you’d agree!

It’s like their own private slice of paradise.

Look! Teenage brothers CAN get along!

So here’s the deal…we love Cape Cod, (well, any place with a beach, doesn’t matter if it’s sandy or not) and any reason we can find to go to a beach and create amazing memories for you to enjoy, WE’RE IN!  Don’t be shy…your beach get-away is in Florida?  Great.  California? Awesome.  Alaska in November?  We may need to talk first.  🙂