Business Portrait vs. Headshots

Tomayto, tomahto.   A headshot and business portrait mean the same thing, right?  Well, not so in our portrait world and I’m sure it’s the same scenario for certain names and phrases in your industry.  When someone calls the studio asking for a headshot appointment, what they are typically asking for is a quick session for a digital file they can put up on LinkedIn to satisfy a need of updating the ten year old image of them that was taken by someone with a phone and in unflattering lighting.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s great that the outdated image is being updated with something current.  Good job!

However, maybe you are looking for something that is more elegant, long-lasting and a step above what most people see nowadays.  You might be looking for what we refer to as a Business Portrait here at Strauss Peyton.

A studio example of a wonderful Business Portrait. This gentleman came to the studio to have a portrait made for display in the business his grandfather started and he now runs.

A business portrait is a well thought out, well-planned portrait that is capable of displaying a legacy of company ownership to clients and employees for decades.  It may even be created on location at your company to create a sense of space and location. Strauss Peyton excels at this sort of business portrait.

A painting that we created for Mr. DeBruce, Deputy Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.

With an impactful portrait, there’s usually depth in the scene with strong posing to reflect a position of success and confidence.  Planning wardrobe, the location of the session and the background environment all have an effect on the success of an Executive’s Business Portrait.  Not to mention the little details that are often overlooked.  Where are the hands and how are they arranged?  Are the cuffs showing to add elegance to a handsome suit?  Is there a connection to something in the scene? Is jewelry arranged properly and showing?

Dr. Jones, The Provost of MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Dr. Spittal, President of MidAmerica Nazarene University and his wife.

Dr. O’Brien-Ladner, KU Medical Center


Mr. Michael Tedder, 2018 President Hallbrook Country Club

If you’re looking for expert help and someone to make sure you look the best you possibly can for decades of viewing by clients and employees, look no further than Strauss Peyton.