Bowling, Comics and Bassoon Senior Girl Pictures

We really have so much fun photographing high school senior girl pictures and creating a beautiful collection of images of who your senior is at this time in their life.  It’s more than just a snapshot of what they look like.  It’s the creation of something for you to have and admire of this fabulous young adult that you helped raise.  Your portraits of your senior are going to be the only version you have of your child at home once graduation occurs and they head off to college.

This lovely young lady is a fan of comic books, bowling and playing the bassoon.  Her plans are to attend Kansas State University next year.  We made sure to capture that excitement!  She had our very popular indoor and outdoor senior session that gave her a terrific variety of images.  We headed out to Olathe for her outdoor portion specifically so we could stop at the bowling alley where her high school team does their bowling practice.  Apparently, her images are now very special at that bowling alley because they closed that week and renovated!  Good thing we got in when we did!

bassoon-senior-pictures-music fun-high-school-senior-pictures

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We are very particular about always maintaining a high quality of lighting regardless of where we are photographing.  If we are in the studio, we are typically photographing with 2-4 strobes.  That means we have a main light to light our subject, two lights that are there to pull them off the background (I’m sure you’ve seen images online where subjects seem to melt into the background and you can’t tell where the subject begins or ends) and one strobe to highlight the background or light our subjects from the back.  When we go outside, we are still using our strobes to light our subjects.  Without strobe lighting outside, you are simply not going to achieve vibrant colors and blue skies.  Instead, what you will see most often with natural light are images that are flat (no rounding or the 3d effect you get with shadows), skies that are blown out and white and eyes that are shadowed and dull.  We prefer to deliver vibrant skin tones, sparkly eyes and radiant backgrounds so you’ll always see us toting lighting equipment wherever we go!