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About Our Products

Masterwork Portraits on Canvas
Even though we still begin with a camera, our Masterwork Portraits are anything but photographs.  Strauss Peyton has created a fusion of the photographic portraits with the art form of painting.  this intricate process requires the artist’s eye and the artist’s touch of hand brush strokes, color saturation, light and highlights in the style of the Old Masters.  Our creativity and craftsmanship take us beyond the capacity of the camera to an artistic portraiture suitable for the most discriminating tastes.

Watercolor Portraits
Even though this is not a photographic process, we still begin with a camera.  Strauss Peyton creates charming watercolor portraits in the Impressionistic style of the 19th century ranging from glimpses of real life, accentuated by its sparkling color palette and use of light with feathery brush strokes to portraiture created in a more realistic, crisper, yet enchanting style.Renaissance Portraits on Canvas

Renaissance Portraits
The Renaissance portrait is designed to carry on the traditions of portrait artists, both painter and photographer, throughout the ages.  The photographic image is artistically embellished, presenting a portrait that is both beautiful and very realistic or photographic in appearance.  The Renaissance Portrait is not a photographic print.  It is actually printed on artist’s canvas and a clear protective coating is added to accentuate color saturation and dimension…an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.

Florentine Portraits
The Florentine is a precisely hand-crafted product utilizing exciting innovations in portrait photography:  resin-coated, dye coupled material whose characteristics for surpass those used in the past.  The new material combines with artisan skill results in a portrait distinguished by its brilliance, depth and dimensional presence.